Now, more than ever, we notice a need for social contact in people. We started thinking of ways to bring people together and found that people do want to see their friends and family more, but the hassle of organising a get-together is what puts them off. With Movely we aim to take away that pain. Our all-in one community building app helps organising an event become easy, and more importantly a team effort. Movely makes coming together easy, fun and low-effort.

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When we first started with Movely, we focused on the salsa & bachata scene. This is what a lot of people in our awesome team are passionate about. In this community we noticed that people were missing a place to find events, organise practice sessions and all in one app. After a test run in the summer, we discovered that this idea was a big succes and wanted to spread this joy to the rest of the Netherlands, and the world.

While our app is back in development, people are starting to miss it. Luckily, you won’t have to wait much longer. At the end of July, we will be launching our new Movely app! Our ultimate goal is that Movely becomes the app that you cannot live without. You can use Movely to organise private events, but also to find initiatives in your surroundings that you can join. Research shows that people who have more social contact and relationships are happier people. Movely will become the platform that makes your life better and happier.


The core of Movely

Movely stands for creating meaningful connections. Movely is innovative, optimistic, and connecting.

If that means providing a platform for connecting, expanding knowledge by providing tips, or a system in which you can collect points for your contributions to save up for discounts. We got you covered. This also means that Movely is continuously moving. All Movely members are a part of that: the members are the beating heart of the community.

There is a place for everybody at Movely. The core values that Movely lives by are not just positivity, but also equality and diversity. Everybody is welcome.

Together we hope to spread the positive vibes with Movely as a community.

Are you in? #spreadpositivevibes

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